Evolving, Improving and Aiming Higher

We present a new architectural vision for the South Building, connecting the dots between contemporary businesses and an innovative urban area, deeply ingrained in both Citroën’s past and the Olympic heritage. On entering the building, you will notice the spatial experience with light-filled volumes, a series of walkways, visible constructions and concrete floors. Building 1931 extends over three floors and is a combined blend of commercial, cultural, hospitality, and public use. If only architect Jan Wils (1891-1972) could have known that his design would create such a creative dynamic in our new connected era.

Jan Wils: the Architect

By the end of the 1920s "N.V. Automobiles Citroën" needed one multi-disciplinary headquarter with a mix of offices, repair services and sales departments. Dutch architect Jan Wils - one of the founding members of the 'De Stijl' movement – came up with his architectural translation of Citroën’s forward-looking cross-disciplinary approach. As the renowned architect of the adjacent Olympic Stadium (1928), he created a match made in heaven between sports and the mobility industry. The Citroën Building was a marvel of its day that, as 'De Stijl' advocated, shaped pure abstraction with visual compositions to the vertical and horizontal directions.

Image: all rights reserved Citroën Nederland BV

Functionalities: Buzzing with Opportunity

Built in the early 1930's, this was one of the most important years in the history of Citroën. Cutting edge technology was on the rise and the automobile manufacturer introduced the innovative Citroën Rosalie Coupe 15CV and invented The Traction Avant, the car that pioneered mass production. Your story in the 21st century begins just as you enter this heritage of human activity. Looking for flexible high-end offices, Amsterdam’s best-designed meeting places, and the tastiest food and coffee spot? Building 1931 is set to create a place where entrepreneurs meet their clients on the roof terrace; where teams can get things done; and where insights-filled events and programs feed creative minds.

Image: all rights reserved Photographer sjaak henselmans fotografie

Workshops & events

Large open spaces, private conference rooms and workshop areas. For personal (team) meetings to weekend-long conferences or exhibits featuring visual art or installations.

High-end workspaces

Every space has plenty of natural light includes everything you need. You have the flexibility to scale.

Star restaurants

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty food and, of course, coffee.

Your Spatial Experience

Building 1931 is identical to the original building where the distinction between the workplace and showroom is still visible. The building is full of beautiful period details to discover. We've taken the opportunity to translate historical features into a contemporary upgrade with extra street entrances, new constructive elements, vertical light wells, way finding floor patterns, a roof-lit winter garden, and an underground parking garage. Another striking feature is the roof landscape, which is built on the former parking deck, culminating in a viewing platform over the Olympic Stadium and city.

Image: Artist impression by Wax Architectural Visualizations of Building1931.

Today the South Building gets a new life as Amsterdam’s freshest business/sports/mobility powerhouse