Innovative Workplace Design

Building 1962 and Building 1931 are both at the heart of the vibrant new neighborhood we are creating. We have kept all the original industrial aesthetic alive even thought the façade has gone through stunning modifications; innovative workplace design and new interior constructions will accentuate the openness and aliveness. Fundamental to the Jan Wils triptych is this last 1960s building, clearly designed in the new functionalist style; the new design philosophy of the architect. It should be modest without frills and completely morphing with The Olympic Stadium, instead of attracting attention. A remarkable balance in the trinity emerged that continues to inspire architects and designers to this day. Rijnboutt is the architect for the renewal plans of Building 1962.

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Image: Photographer Chiel de Nooijer.

Jan Wils: Embracing Business and Sport

Citroën is renowned worldwide for design: 1955 saw the introduction of the DS, the first full usage of Citroën's now legendary hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension system. In the 1960s, Citroën built on its strength with the successful, 2CV, Type H, and DS models. Citroën was also one of the early pioneers of the now widespread trend of aerodynamic automobile design. Wils translated Citroën's philosophy of progress in the extreme efficiency between floors and functions in the North Building. With large windows, great volume of light as well as space, and clever routing to meet and exchange.

Historical image of The Citroen building and the classic Citroen DS: all rights reserved to Citroën Nederland BV​

Functionalities: Celebrating Commercial and Cultural life

The potential of space for lifestyle brands, tech-savvy minds, entrepreneurs and companies in the field of art, mobility, sports and culture is extraordinary. Huge windows, open-plan offices, quiet areas, high-ceiling open spaces, luxurious exhibition/showrooms, a series of metal-framed partitions for intimate zones, an underground parking garage, and an extension of the roof landscape overlooking the Olympic Stadium and the city. Think of the raw industrial character, but interpreted in a new, modern way. By including light wells and skylights, we have maximised the amount of natural light in the building.

Workshops & events: Large open spaces, private conference rooms and workshop areas.

High-end workspaces

Designed for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. You have the flexibility to scale.

Star restaurants

Great atmosphere, friendly staff, tasty food and, of course, coffee. For the modern working nomad.

We've taken the opportunity to combine the building’s timeless character with a contemporary upgrade with extra street entrances, new constructive elements, a top-lit skybox, and free open spaces to work and relax. This combination of old and new, light, space and steel - including the now famous car ramp - forms the beautiful backdrop for showcasing new innovations.

Building 1962: Contemporary workplace design that inspires progress