The Citroën Buildings: Connected

History in every corner, beautiful industrial architecture, an abundance of space and many renovated details; the Citroën Buildings continue to fascinate as they transform into an interdisciplinary gathering place for ideas. In line with its history: In 1931 Citroën had a first in the industrialized world by gathering all of the their activities into one complex combining offices, automobile repair shop and sales. Today, we again aim for a fluid movement of knowledge through open architecture and radical transparency. In fact, this hybrid thinking plays the leading role in our urban development of The Olympic Amsterdam as a whole.

Unlocking a new urban destination

We are creating The Olympic Amsterdam: Blending the exclusivity of the Zuidas, the spirit of the Olympic and the original purpose of the Citroën buildings in a way that is relevant for the future. In 2018 the North Building, now dubbed as The Olympic 1962, and the South Building, now named The Olympic 1931, will be open to the public. The Olympic Amsterdam will be at the centre of a new destination over the next two years. Imagine a place where kids play basketball, runners stop for coffee after a run in the Amsterdamse Bos, culinary business lunches take place and electric bikes are available for pick up for a smooth entrance to the city.

Image: Artist impression by Wax Architectural Visualizations of the Olympic Amsterdam.

A Central Location

The Olympic Amsterdam in the south of Amsterdam is a new gateway to the city – a true magnet to Amsterdam. Due to the location, a new connected-ness will arise that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Originating from the Olympic spirit, the starting point of the new “green mile” of the Stadionplein, connects the exciting new mixed-living development in and around the Stadionplein, the Amsterdamse Bos and the business mindset of the Zuidas. Striking a balance between history and innovation. Amsterdammers, visitors, artists, travellers and entrepreneurs from far and wide will be able to come here and experience our new inspirational business hub and neighbourhood.

Images Citroen Building (1931): Photographer Chiel de Nooijer.

From Olympic Stadium to a complete new urban destination: The Olympic Amsterdam

A Glimpse of the Future

Visualise the heart of The Olympic Amsterdam in the southern part of the city as one big human-centered networked area of sport, business and arts. Covering everything that gets you from A to B and back.

The North Building (1962): Restored historical monument turned into an exciting triple- layer mixture of restaurants and cafés, studios, rooftop landscaping and public space – accessible to everyone.
The South Building (1932): Former garage and showroom. Retail, leisure and business remain the key drivers.
Zuidas: Your 'Financial Mile' and transit-hub around the corner. The Ring-A10 will be tunnelled, transforming the entire area.
The Amsterdam Forest (Dutch: het Amsterdamse Bos): From the "green mile" on Stadionplein to the wide landscape park. Great way to escape city life while still being in the city.
The Olympic Stadium (1928; Dutch: Olympisch Stadion): Built as the main stadium for the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam.
The Olympia Plein: Former car plaza, landscaped and turned into a high-end green and vibrant mixed-living area.
Ring road A10 (South): Within 5 minutes you will find yourself on the ring road of Amsterdam.