Towards a New Era

Amsterdam’s most significant sports temple will keep the Olympic spirit burning. Having already provided some of the most memorable moments in sports history, the stadium now hosts a range of memorable events, including music concerts and sport events like the European Athletics Championships and the Amsterdam Marathon. Sports are a source of innovation and therefor spur improvement in creativity and competitiveness. The combination of a historic site and the design-driven quality of this landmark development will create an interesting knowledge-nexus in the city, which is paramount to the Olympic Amsterdam.

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The History

The red brick Olympic Stadium was designed by architect Jan Wils and was built for the occasion of the Olympic Summer Games in 1928. The building was inspired by the architecture of the Old South area and was designed by the renowned Dutch architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage. Shortly after the games foreign journalists described it as a ‘model for the future’. Nearly 70 years later, the Stadium was to be torn down to make room for accommodations in the area, but fortunately this was put off. In 2000 a restored version of this much loved landmark was unveiled, ready for its new role as a permanent, multi-use venue.

Images: Copyright Amsterdam Stadsarchief

Today, the Olympic Stadium attracts 1,4 million people each year to a variety of events that seek a sense of ‘olympic’